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Fairway Fox no.21

Location: Tilden - Berkeley, CA

Date: 6/11/2023

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to JUNESHINE for their generous sponsorship of our golf tournament. Their support truly made a significant impact on the success of the event. Not only did they provide everyone with fantastic gifts, but they also supplied our gathering with their delightful kombucha drinks, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all. June Shine's contribution added an extra touch of enjoyment and refreshment to the day, and we are incredibly thankful for their partnership and dedication to making our tournament a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Congratulations to the winners. Now that the last event of the season is over, the VARSITY CHAMPIONSHIPS are coming up. Check the "Rankings" page to see if you placed in the top8 because if you did, then you received an invitation last night in your email.

If you did NOT make it to the championships but were close... sit tight! If any of the initial invitees cannot make it to the event, their spot will be given to the next highest in the ranks.

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