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FF10: Varsity Championships

Location: Half Moon Bay

Date: 7.24.2022

We hit the one year mark, the end of season 1. I remember like it was yesterday that I decided to throw a small golf tournament for my birthday (in 2021). Never did I imagine this tournament would turn into a series of tournaments, then become a golf club, and now have a name thoroughly recognized in the golf community.

Ok enough about me...

The championships at Half Moon Bay was monumental. These players worked hard all year long and got to go up against the best in their divisions. Congratulations to the winners who made it to the top. The green varsity jackets look great on yal!

Also, shout out to the group of players who came out to play even though they weren't competing in the finals. Really incredible to see returning faces and fresh faces! True sign of this community growing and having a strong culture that returns.

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